Learn like a Pirate - from your students!

I am so excited to be doing THREE book studies this summer!!  In case you missed my first two you can check out Teaching With Intention here, and Mindsets in the Classroom here!!

I'm really excited about Learn Like a Pirate because I am eager to transform my classroom into an environment where my students are engaged, learning, and taking charge of their learning!

I loved this classroom because it spoke to my heart!  I am totally that teacher who others don't understand because I am with my students, present, past and future!  I eat lunch with my kids every day, and even though I don't always enjoy it, it builds those relationships that are irreplaceable!  I have been known to play soccer or knockout with the boys, and do cartwheels or dance moves with the girls during recess.

All of these things help build that relationship that is carried into my classroom.  My students know that I know how to have fun with them, yet I want them to strive in the classroom!  They know that I can have a good time with them, we can laugh and be silly, but we are also going to get to work and get going!

I love when Paul said, "Year after year, I've proved that with a consistent message and belief, a student-led classroom environment is attainable - and it's what children deserve."  I love being able to connect with those students that other teachers just couldn't reach!  It makes me so excited to be able to get through to those students, and to know that they THRIVE in my room!

I can't wait to go read about what everyone else took away from this chapter!  I am so excited to dive into this book and learn more about how I can get my students motivated to be in charge!!  Thank you Paul!!

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