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I am linking up today again with Hello Sunshine Teachers to share with you all about chapter 6.  I hope that you have enjoyed diving into this book this summer as much as I have!  I can't wait to implement these techniques into my classroom, and school this year!

This chapters was all about how we can communicate with parents, and then how parents can communicate with teachers who do not practice the growth mindset.

It's very important that every adult who is in a child's life believes that the child can achieve with practice and effort.  Students listen to the adults in their lives, and they need to know that the adults in their life have full confidence in them.  We may not think that every student in our classroom is going to go out and be the next Bill Gates, Michael Jordan or Marie Curie, but we do need to know that our students are going to go out into the world and change it.  Our students are our future, and don't you want to help grow and mold that!?!  You may have the next Beethoven, Picasso or Steve Jobs in your classroom.  If we don't push them to their best, then how can they?

We need to help our parents know that their students can do great things too!  We do great work when we know that we have people cheering for us, or depending on us.  To help our students and parents excel in this mindset it is important that we educate everyone about this and continue to give them information about it even after our initial contact.  Posting information on websites, in newsletters or sending home information with the students is a great way to keep communication open.

This is a great visual of students!  We need to keep them thinking about what they can do, and what they have.  We want them to be thinking about what they have, instead of what they are missing out on.    We also want them to keep working on what they are great at!

Make sure to go link up with us over at Hello Sunshine Teachers!  Can't wait to see what you thought about this chapter!

Hello Sunshine!


  1. This is awesome! I LOVE your graphic! I'm totally hanging that in my classroom. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Love the graphic! Saving it now! This is such an important chapter...especially the parents of gifted children who believe A's are the only acceptable grade their child can have because they are "smart". They can be hard to jump on board because with challenge can come lower than preferred grades.


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