Makeover Madness

I am loving that some amazing ladies have started a #tptsellerchallenge this summer!!  I am so excited to see where these next four weeks will take us!

Yesterday the challenge started with us writing down our numbers!!  I have some big ideas of what to do when I reach my goals for some of these numbers!  I can't wait to see what these next four weeks will do for these numbers as well!  Plus, more than that, I'm excited for the relationships that will grow out of this!

This morning I started revamping one of my first products that I had ever created.  I created superhero writing and math activities a few years ago for a superhero day we had.  Plus, I found Krista Wallden on TPT, and fell in love with her superhero clipart!  I am pretty sure it was one of the first sets I ever bought, and I have never regretted it!!

I used free fonts the first time I created this product, and free borders.  I had not invested a lot of time in creating for TPT yet, as I didn't know that this was something I would still be working on almost two years later!  I also had created my own blog image at the time, so that was also something that had to go.

I had multiple pages that weren't really useful either, so I had to eliminate those from the original product.  I am loving the new update!!

To celebrate this update I have marked the product down for the week!  Unit Friday my Superhero Writing will be marked down to only $2!!


  1. Love, love, love it! What a great update! Best wishes on the challenge from another 3rd grade teacher! :)

  2. The makeover looks great! I love me some Creative Clips! :)

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  3. Great update! The fonts make a huge difference.
    CasedillaCrumbs in the Classroom

  4. Super cute!! I think your re-do looks great!

  5. Love the after! I like that you stayed true to the original product but really made it pop with the black and neon!

  6. Love your re-do! It looks adorable!

    And also: I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award :o) You can read the details on my blog!

    xo Pam

  7. Love the updates! The black background really makes the title 'POP' !! :)



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