Growth Mindsets & Gifted Students!?

Twice in one day!!  Doesn't happen very often around here, but is the norm for June!  I can't believe that our study of Mindsets in the Classroom is almost over!  I have LOVED this book, and if you haven't read it yet, you should make sure you grab it, or scroll through Hello Sunshine Teachers to see the highlights!  I can't wait to take these ideas back to my classroom.

It is very important that we don't label our students a certain way.  Then they feel that they have to live up to those expectations and we are setting them up for failure.  They may feel that they have to earn certain grades or that they aren't living up to our expectations.  We don't want our students to achieve less than they can.  We also don't want them to not try when things get too tough.

We need to set up a classroom where we have the ability to push our higher achieving students, challenge our middle students, and help raise the bar for our lower students.  Every student has a gift, we just need to focus on what their gifts are.  Not every student is an excellent test taker.  What can we do to help them show us what they know?  What other ways can we have them show us that they learned the information?  This is going to be what I work on as I am planning my units this next year. I want to make sure that I am not setting my students up for failure, but am giving them different opportunities to share what they have learned.

Don't forget to check out Hello Sunshine Teachers to see what everyone else thought about chapter 7!

Hello Sunshine!

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  1. I love your reflection about planning for next year. This book has me thinking about next year and all the things I want to do! Great post!


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