Mindsets ~ Growth vs Fixed

I am so excited to be sharing with you this morning about the book that Hello Sunshine Teachers is doing for our book study during June!!

Mindsets in the Classroom is a book that I believe every teacher and administrator should read at some point during their career.

This book has opened my eyes to things already, and I am only on the third chapter as I am working on this post for you!  I really can't say enough good things about it!!

Every Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday I will be posting here to share with you my insights of the book.  If you want an outline of what we'll be doing this month you can go here and Jennifer did a great job explaining it for all of us! Plus, then you can grab the frame and start working on your post! Every time you link up with us you will be entered for a chance to win!!

Okay, let's dive into chapter 1!

Chapter 1 was all about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.  It is amazing how different these two are, and how you can even have both at the same time!  We believe that we can grow in some areas, but not others!  I know that I have been guilty of this in my own life, believing that I would never be able to run, cook, sing or dance.  With time, patience and practice I could do anything I wanted.  Why shouldn't we show and tell our students the same thing!

Jennifer, The Blessed Teacher, has a great graphic organizer that shows the difference between growth and fixed minutes!  I plan on using this with my own staff next year so we can talk about the kind of school we want to be!

I love the first quote because it's so true!  It doesn't matter how quickly a student masters something.  It should matter how much time and effort they put into it.  If it was too easy for them, then we are not challenging them enough!

I love being able to find out what my students are interested in.  This chapter encourages us to find out where their expertise are, and where their weaknesses are.  Then we can take those, and keep them engaged and challenged.  You can grab this FREEBIE here so you can have your students tell you all about themselves!

Make sure to head over to Hello Sunshine Teachers to check out what others have to say about chapter 1!  Come back on Sunday to find out more about chapter 2!


  1. I love the surveys! I actually do back to school conferences with parents before school starts and these are some of the questions I ask them about their child. These will work great for that, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Love the student surveys! I agree, it is so important to get to know your students and what interests them!

  3. Snagged your student survey! My mentor teacher this last year gave me one that I wasn't too impressed with. I'm excited to use this one next year! Thanks!

  4. The student survey is such a fun idea! It's funny, in all of the job interviews I did I mentioned that it was important to me to get to know my students on both a personal and academic level because if they know you care about them and their interests, they are more likely to invest and do the hard work for you! Thanks for sharing! :)


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