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Today I am linking up with The Learning Chambers, Surfing' Through Second and Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching to bring you chapter 3 Teaching with Intention.

Today's chapter was all about setting up your classroom.  This is perfect for me right now, because I am so excited to be moving into a new classroom this year!!  This is currently what my stuff looks like, and they are cleaning our carpets Thursday and Friday.  I'm hoping to be able to start moving in next week.  The crazy part is all of this stuff that they piled up for me isn't even in my room, this is my partner's room!

I can relate to Katy in this chapter.  When I walked into my classroom in 2008 there was stuff EVERY WHERE.  The teacher before me had left her stuff because she thought I would need some of it.  I have spent the last few years going through everything, and purging.  I am still slowly going through things, and keep purging my file cabinets.

I am so excited to be starting in a new classroom this year, because this quote spoke to me.  "With all that stuff out of the way, no one could believe how much larger the classroom had become!"  It's amazing how much larger our classrooms are when we are able to get rid of the things that we don't want or can't use.

I am excited to set up my classroom, but leave some of the things for my students to work on with me.  I want them to take as much ownership in my room as I do.  I want them to know where everything is, and to feel free to use it.  I don't want my students to be worried about not knowing if we have glue, scissors or more crayons.

I can't wait to share my new classroom set up when I am able to dive into setting things up!!

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  1. How exciting to be moving into a new room! It's always nice to get a fresh start. I am really excited about setting up this year too. I have a few projects I am taking on and I am hoping to get rid of my desks this year and get all tables. Donor's Choose project in the works ;) Thanks so much for linking up!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  2. I'm excited for you to move into a new room. It looks huge! I am getting spoiled by IG, I wanted to double click your pictures to like!


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