12 Days of Christmas ~ Caitlin {The Kinder Garden}

Welcome to day 8 of our 12 days of Christmas!!  Can you believe how quickly this is going!?  I am so excited that you are still here, and I hope that you have found some amazing women to follow!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you will want to go back and read the other days you've missed!!  I have found some amazing inspiration in these ladies!!

Today I am introducing you to Caitlin!  

I haven't had a chance to meet Caitlin yet, but she is a fellow Arizona teacher as well!  I "met" Caitlin on our Arizona teacher Facebook page, and we were actually at the same concert a few weeks ago, but due to bad 3G we weren't able to meet up there!!  We will meet soon though!!  I know it!!  I'm pretty sure there is a lunch over break I'm hoping to get too!

Every year, our entire kindergarten puts on a holiday show. We sing and dance to 6 different holiday songs and it is so adorable! The students make their own decorations to hang behind them on stage. Tons of people always attend and rave about how wonderful it is. It's definitely my favorite school holiday tradition that we do.

I can't wait to hear what Santa brings Caitlin, and I hope that you come back later this week to see if Santa brings you a surprise right here on this blog!!

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