12 Days of Christmas ~ Marissa {Inspired Owl's Corner}

Welcome back for another fantastic day of Christmas!!

Today I am so excited to introduce you to a friend that I have made on IG!!  I really do believe this is truly one of my favorite social medias!  I love the pictures, I love being able to chat through it, and I love how uplifting it is!!

Marissa is the teacher and mastermind behind Inspired Owl's Corner!!  She has been teaching for a long time, but I love the passion and energy she has for teaching!  I hope to be as excited as she is when I've been teaching for 20 years as well!

I love that she has had an elf visit not only her house, but also her classroom!!  I can't wait for my kiddos to be old enough to start this tradition!

My favorite holiday tradition is also having an elf visit my classroom. Last year was the first year we had an elf visit our classroom. It was so much fun! He arrived in a freezing cold box from The North Pole and surprised the kiddos with so many funny antics each day. They loved it, and were on their best behavior the entire month. Some days he would leave them a treat or coupon. This year I am having a reindeer friend join him, and the group with the most points each day gets to keep him at their table the next day. (And he just might bring them a treat too!).

I can't wait to see what Marissa's elf does in her classroom!!  IG will be a great way to check them out if you are looking for ideas too!!

Thank you Marissa for being an inspiration for me, and for sharing your work with us!!  I hope that you all have enjoyed getting to know Marissa a little bit more as well!

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  1. Thank you so much for choosing me as one of your 12! I have learned so much from everyone on IG, I just love it! I love having a way to connect with so many amazing teachers. Love this community! :)


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