12 Days of Christmas ~ Heather {Learning with Mrs. Langley}

Welcome back!!  Can you believe this is journey is almost over!  I hope that you've been following along since the beginning, but if not, feel free to go back and meet some of my amazing friends!!

Today I am introducing you to a friend I still NEED to meet!!  Heather lives about an hour and a half away from me!  She lives 45 minute away from  my parent's house, and we still haven't met in person!  Hopefully over the busy time of Christmas break we'll be able to figure it out!!

Learning with Mrs. Langley

I'm back in Kindergarten this year and you reminded me of my favorite tradition I started in Kinder years ago!  We always had a special lunch (the kids get to decide what we eat....many times it was hot dogs!) and they open a small gift from me ($1 books from Scholastic).  I can't wait to get this tradition going again. 

I hope that this holiday season you are each remember to find that peace amongst the busy hustle of our days!  Thank you Heather for reminding us of that!!

Enjoy your day!!  See you tomorrow!!

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