15 Days of Christmas ~ Me!!

I hope that you have all enjoyed getting to know a new fantastic friend of mine every day for the past fourteen days!  As you can see I have some AMAZING friends in my life!!  I have been so blessed by this TPT/blogging/IG journey!!  These women all inspire me, and help me be a better teacher!!

I know there are amazing teachers out there who I didn't introduce you to, and there are many amazing teachers who don't blog.  My best friend doesn't blog, or sell on TPT, despite my constant telling her she should.  There are many of us who don't feel we have the time, talent or effort to do it. As long as we are reaching our students, helping them on, and CONNECTING with them, then that is what matters most.

This morning I wanted to share some of my traditions with you to conclude my 15 days of Christmas series!!

For as long as I can remember my sister and I always got up early on Christmas morning!  Even in high school, we would wake up super early.  We always had to run down the hall to tell our parents we were awake before we could go downstairs to see what Santa had brought.  Yes, even in high school and college we continued this tradition!  Now that I have babies things have changed a little bit, but not a ton!  We are still up super early, and get to go out to see what Santa has brought.  You better believe Santa is still delivering presents to me too!!

In my classroom I love celebrating Christmas!!  We have so may fun things that we do!!  For the past few years I have made a Christmas tree out of students handprints.  I have them cut their hands out of green paper, and then I put them together to form a tree.  I also have them decorate a stocking, and we hang those by the tree.  My favorite part of our decorating is our presents for Jesus.  They have to decorate a present, and then inside, write something they would give Jesus.  They always turn out so well, and the students take pride in creating the perfect gift.  It makes an awesome display, and then we take our pictures in front of it.  I then quickly print the pictures at Costco and send them home to their parents!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!  Hopefully like me, you only have three more days left, until you can relax before Christmas is here!  Enjoy those few days left with your students, and help them to know that they are loved.  Who knows, for some of them, what they see in your classroom may be the only Christmas present/gift/tradition they have.  For others, they need that extra hug, or extra RAK.

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