Five For Friday ~ December 12

Good morning everyone!!  I hope that you are all having a great week!  I can't believe we have survived two weeks of teaching in December!  I am so excited that there is only one more week before two weeks off!!  I know I am ready for them!!

Doodle Bugs Teaching took December off, but I'm still bringing you my Five for Friday!!

I have been LOVING featuring a different friend everyday!!  This has been so much fun, and I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know my friends this week!!  I have so many awesome blogging/TPT/IG friends and I can't wait to meet up with them again this summer in Vegas!!  Who is going to be joining us there!?

This week I had the joy of going to not one, but TWO different advent services.  My students sang at our advent service Wednesday night, and then my son sang in the advent service Thursday night!  It is always fun to watch my baby praising Jesus!  I'm so thankful that next year we'll get to go to two services, since my daughter will also be in preschool!

Christmas is a magical time of year!  I love all of the festivities that go along with Christmas, but I'm beginning to feel like my room threw up Christmas!!  I feel like it is everywhere!!  Yes those are snowflakes you see, snow globe stories, elf stories, elves, and a fireplace in the corner.  You can't seem the pile of Christmas books we've read, the Christmas tree out of hands we've made, the candy cane stories in the hall, and the glitter all over my room.

This week I've been amazed by all of you!!  TPT has been something that I enjoy doing, and something that has not been a huge income for me.  Trust me, my husband keeps asking me if I'll ever make more than I spend.  :)  I have been blown away this month, and I still get excited every time I get an email that says you have bought my product!  THANK YOU!!  I am so glad that I took a chance in March and decided to become a premium seller!  I'm even more excited that you all like what I have, and are willing to use it in your classrooms!!  I am so grateful for each of you and your support!!  THANK YOU!!  I don't think that I'll ever make a million dollars on this site, or ever make enough that I would quit teaching, but it's nice to know that other people believe in what I do as well, and that it is helping you in your classrooms!

I am LOVING this song that I stumbled upon!  I saw it on Facebook, but couldn't find the link!  My husband found it for me, and it is my new favorite Christmas song!!  You have to go watch it on YouTube though, it won't let it play on here!!  I'm sorry!

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