12 Days of Christmas ~ Kristen {Easy Teaching Tools}

Happy Friday!!  We are now ten days into December teaching, and there are only 5 school days left!! If you are reading this you are up early, and have time before school starts, or you have finished your day!!  Congrats!!  :)

Welcome to our eleventh day of the 12 Days of Christmas!!

Today I am so excited for you to meet an awesome friend of mine that I connected with blogging and on IG!  I was also so excited to meet Kristen this summer in Vegas!!  She is an amazing person, and has such a great personality!  I was sad I wasn't able to spend more time with her this summer, but I'm hoping to get over to Orange County one of these times that they plan their amazing So Cal meet ups!!  If you are in southern California and haven't gone to one of the amazing meet ups there, you NEED to!!

{I couldn't fit all of Kristen's family tradition in the space, and it was too special to edit!!  I love that she is so involved with her family!!}

I love traditions and get very upset if we stray from them.  I have been known to cry once or twice if plans change!  My dad grew up on O'ahu so we have a family tradition of making a Hawaiian/Portuguese breakfast.  Every year, my dad, uncles, and grandma make "pickled pork."  It's a big process and takes a lot of prep.  Leading up to Christmas morning, there are many phone calls made amongst the family to brag about how great their pickled pork is going to be.  On Christmas morning, we have a big taste test to decide the winner.  It's a lot of fun and  a tradition I've tried to take on.  However, I'm told that mine isn't very good!  Although mine isn't perfect yet, I make amazing scrambled eggs, bacon, and I can toast Hawaiian sweet bread.  We eat fruit and yogurt and drink guava mimosas around the breakfast table.  It's a great tradition that I hope to keep when I have a family of my own!

In my classroom, I love all things Christmas related.  Since I don't have children of my own, it's neat to see the magic of Christmas through my students' eyes.  They get so dang excited about everything and I just love it.  We've had a lot of Christmas fun over the years, but  a new tradition I started last year was the Portable North Pole.  My students loved watching a video each day to see if they were on Santa's list.  It was precious to watch them sit wide-eyed, as they waited for their little name to be called.  The class would cheer and shout as the child's name made it onto Santa's Nice List.  I used it as a classroom management tool and e mailed the videos home to the parents as well.  I recommend it to any parent or teacher!

I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Kristen a little bit more!!  I am so thankful for her friendship, and her amazing work!!  She is an amazing person, with the kindest heart!!

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  1. Thank you so much Cassandra for letting me have the opportunity to share a little bit about my holiday traditions. Let's plan an Arizona meet up in the winter!


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