12 Days of Christmas ~ Crystal {Once Upon a Classroom}

Welcome to another day of Christmas!!  I hope that you enjoyed meeting Ashley yesterday, and are excited to continue on this journey with me!!

Today I am excited to introduce you to Crystal from Once Upon a Classroom: The tale of two Teachers.  I met Crystal last year in the IG, blogging world, and she helped me decide to create my own TPT store!!  I am so thankful to Crystal, and am so excited that I was able to team up with her again during the month of December for the Blessings for Backpacks!

Once Upon a Classroom

I love Crystal's fun tradition!!  What a great way to take time together as you are hanging up ornaments on the tree!

We are not allowed to celebrate any of the holidays at my school. However, something I do each year is a gingerbread man unit. I incorporate a variety of text and the students love it!  

I would be so sad if I wasn't allowed to celebrate any holidays at school!!  Especially Christmas!!  I'm glad that Crystal is able to find ways to incorporate some of the holiday spirit into her classroom, even if it isn't celebrating any specific holiday.

I am so thankful for Crystal, and for helping encourage me to start my TPT store last year!  I wouldn't be where I am today without her!!  I hope to one day be able to meet her, but until then I am so thankful that I am able to collaborate with her in this awesome community!

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